16 October 2015 Augusta, Georgia Videos

No. Description Source Local Time Time Exact Direction of View
1 Reported to 911; video has daylight, but is very far off Salvatore Rizzo 1900 No North
2 Darkest video (later) Damon LNU Unk. Unk. Unk.
3 Clear video Unk. Unk. Unk. Unk.
4a Videos 4a and 4b are spliced from the same source. The witness turned his camera to landscape mode during recording, but the aspect ratio did not change. The two portions are now in two files with correct aspects.  The witness reported that he/she pulled over on I-20 eastbound in Augusta between Washington Roadf and River Watch Parkway exits. d_spires_23@yahoo.com Unk. Unk. Unk.
4b See 4a See 4a See 4a See 4a See 4a
5 View from parked car near stores. Kevin Kenny Unk. Unk. Unk.

Video 01

Video 02

Video 03

Video 04a

Video 04b

Video 05