NSAT Photographs: The Continuing Saga


The photographs published with this article were captured on the digital camera of a visitor to Providence Canyon, Georgia. In a report to MUFON, the photographer’s husband said nothing was seen by the naked eye. Yet, something did show up in the photos. As you can see, the “object” even seems to change position from one photo to the next. Evidently, it was gone in the very next image taken in the sequence (not shown).

NSAT Photo from Providence Canyon 01

Note the “object” on the right side of the frame, near the middle.

These images are examples of so-called “NSAT” photos. NSAT stands for “nothing seen at the time,” and an amazing number are sent to MUFON each month. This may be brought about by the public’s belief that cameras can unintentionally capture evidence of UFOs. The public rightly thinks MUFON should see photos that may show “something.”

Unfortunately, with no visual corroboration of anything by any witness, the NSAT photo cannot serve as supporting evidence for UFO sighting. In fact, there is no actual UFO “sighting,” and typically we cannot determine anything at all about what is shown in the photo.


MUFON Releases Monthly Sightings Report for July 2015


Each month, MUFON releases a statistical break-down of UFO reports by country and state. These numbers are gathered from MUFON’s case management system (CMS). In July, the United States saw 1048 reports filed through CMS. Out of the American states, California and New York saw the most reports with 122 and 70, respectively. See the full statistical report, including the state-by-state breakdown and international numbers, below the fold. (more…)