About Georgia MUFON


Georgia MUFON is a chapter of MUFON International, founded in 1974 by veteran UFO researcher Willy Smith (UNICAT – Early a database of high-quality UFO cases)
While our primary Internet presence is our website we are also on Facebook and Meetup.  We host quarterly meetings open to the public where we present guest speakers and have open discussions on either pre-planned or free-form topics.

Our stats at end of 2018 included:

  • Approx 120 UFO reports (2017-2018)
  • 55 MUFON Int’l members
  • 43 non-MUFON participants at our meetings.
  • 8 Field Investigators

Field Investigators (FIs) are on the “Front-line” in the action completing report investigations working with witnesses and collecting evidence.

In addition to our FIs we are honored to have a cadre of consultants and research specialist working with us to shed some light on the phenomena. Our consultants include:

  • Contact/Encounter/Experiencers team
  • Forensic graphic-illustrator
  • Photo and video analyst