About MUFON Georgia


MUFON Georgia logoWelcome to the official website of the Georgia Chapter of MUFON. If you have not visited the International MUFON site, here are some facts about our parent organization before we jump into specific information about MUFON Georgia.

With about 2,500 members worldwide, the Mutual UFO Network is the largest international organization of its kind. MUFON is headquartered in Newport Beach, California. Founded in 1969, MUFON is a Nonprofit Corporation under §§ 501 (c)(3) and 509 (a)(2) of the United States Internal Revenue Code.

MUFON’s mission statement is “The scientific study of UFOs for the benefit of humanity.” Its stated goals are to:

  • investigate UFO sightings and collect the data in the MUFON Database for use by researchers worldwide;
  • promote research on UFOs to discover the true nature of the phenomenon, with an eye towards scientific breakthroughs, and improving life on our planet; and to
  • educate the public on the UFO phenomenon and its potential impact on society.

Most American states and (many other countries) have a MUFON chapter. These are headed by local directors who are supported by a headquarters consisting of a staff of experienced field investigators and specialists. The remaining chapter membership usually consists of additional certified field investigators, investigator trainees, and others whose occupation, family obligations, or similar constraints might not allow for active participation in field operations.

Chapters hold periodic meetings open to the general public. They also hold periodic sky watches. These usually include night-time surveillance of an area with a recent reports of suspected aerial anomalies.

MUFON Georgia operates as described above with some minor variations in organizational procedure largely due to the distribution of our membership.

UFO Investigations

In the reporting and investigation of UFO sightings, MUFON strives to use the scientific method. Data is collected through online reports that identify specific information that can be used to make reports as accurate as possible. Among the parameters collected on UFO reports include: date, time, latitude, longitude, witness report, witness background and age, UFO color/shape/brightness, and directional information. A MUFON Field Investigator then interviews the witnesses who made the report and collects additional information such as angular size, elevation, azimuth, brightness, if possible the distance to the object, and other measurable information. The Field Investigator looks for the possibility that the witness misinterpreted what was seen. Common objects that a witness may consider to be a UFO include Chinese Lanterns, aircraft, drones, astronomical objects, and light reflections.

In order to augment scientific research into the study of the UFO phenomenon, MUFON created a Science Review Board (SRB) in 2012. The SRB consists of 8-9 scientists with backgrounds in electrical engineering, physics, chemistry, geology, biology, computer science, and astronomy. These individuals are all well versed in the use of the scientific method both through their educational background as well as their occupations. This group oversees science projects within MUFON and instills the use of the scientific method in the analysis of the best cases that are reported each year.

A Note to Those New to Ufology

Investigating the unknown will inevitably attract a few odd characters with bizarre or paranoid theories. MUFON Georgia wishes these individuals well, but we will neither ally ourselves with them nor provide them with a platform. We are not willing to abandon science and the scientific approach. Our approach largely mirrors the recommended put forth by Dr. Jacques Vallee. To wit, we are pursuing all facets of the phenomenon, including the physical basis. We are not interested in the metaphysical, the paranormal, or “New Age” ufology. Others can pursue those, and we wish them well.

A firm adherence to scientific principles prevents MUFON Georgia from ascribing credibility to those who proclaim to have, for example, insider knowledge of government teleportation experiments involving grey aliens. This is doubly so when said individuals present no evidence and ask for total reliance on their trustworthiness. Such stories are fun to read, but they are not scientific.

If you agree that the UFO mystery deserves a scientific, evidence-based approach applied with unrelenting common sense, then we would be delighted to welcome you to our group.