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Become a Field Investigator

Becoming a Field Investigator (FI) can be a very personally rewarding experience.  To become an FI is a simple 5 step process that starts with becoming a member of MUFON Int’l.  



Purchase the FI Manual

As a member you will be able to purchase from the MUFON online store the MUFON Field Investigator Manual.

The FI’s Manual is more than just a book of suggestions and information, it should be part of the FI’s field kit on every case they investigate. It can and should be used in and referenced during any investigation. 

Take the Test

Having studied the manual and learned to quickly find the information or detail in question you are ready to take your exam. The exam is an open book test and is designed not to test your memory recall of the material. The test confirms you are familiar with the manual and are able to quickly find and reference the information needed while in the field.



Field Investigator Training

So you’ve passed the exam!
Your an FI, right?

Not quite yet… Having proven you know how to use your manual, you are now required to be trained and mentored by experienced and seasoned Field Investigators. You are now a Field Investigator in Training or a FIT. You will accompany FIs during investigations and work with them during the investigation process.

Graduation as Field Investigator

With time and given sufficient mentoring and training you will attain the much coveted title of Field Investigator. Having reached this level of training you are ready to investigate cases on your own.

But wait, is this it?
Is that all there is?

After achieving the level of FI, there are many opportunities and experiences available for you both locally in the Georgia chapter as well as with MUFON International as a whole. Take your time to become well seasoned and hone your trade.

In MUFON the sky is no longer the limit!