Georgia MUFON pays tribute to one of our own


Marine Honor Guard Photo By: Lance Cpl. Melany Vasquez
Photo By: Lance Cpl. Melany Vasquez


As State Director I was only recently made aware that one of our former State Directors, Retired College Park Chief of police Walter Thomas “Tom” Sheets passed away October 2 of this year. I did not have the opportunity to meet Tom personally but his legacy was still going strong 10 years after his retirement as State Director. Most of what I know and write below was passed on to me by my predecessor who shared much respect for Tom.

“Tom Sheets was a fine man and an excellent leader. He served his Georgia neighbors and citizens locally as a dedicated law enforcement officer, and the Nation as a United States Marine in the Vietnam War. I’m honored to have known Tom and many others feel the same. Here in Georgia, upon his retirement from his police career he became a MUFON FI and eventually became State Director in 1998. He served from then until mid-2004 then again from 2007 through 2009.”    R. Howard, SD 2010-2017

Tom continued working with MUFON International after being State Director for Georgia, including helping establish the Office of Professional Standards and serving as its first Administrator. He also worked on various special projects for then MUFON International Director James Carrion. I have the greatest respect for State Director W. Tom Sheets and am honored to have such broad shoulders to stand upon.

Scott Cantrell
Georgia State Director
Alabama Assistant State Director

Video recreation of the USS Nimitz UFO encounter 2004


Many may remember December 16, 2017 and the government’s release of video showing Military aircraft encounters with UFOs including the USS Nimitz UFO encounter in 2004. During that same time frame retired officer Lou Elizondo was interviewed on CNN as well as interviews with the New York Times. The entire news arena was abuzz about the government publicly acknowledging the existence of UFOs. Soon after hearing the story about the Nimitz encounter, David Beaty started to conceptualize a video recreation of the event. After a little less than a year including investigating details of the event and bringing together the require video and CGI, David has given us a visual recreation of the USS Nimitz UFO encounter.

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MUFON is investigating a mass sighting by more than 20 witnesses on the evening of Saturday March 4th. If you live in or near Lawrenceville and saw unusual lights that evening please report the sighting at! Thanks.-

UFO Seen over Top-End I-285, Atlanta, Oct. 2015


Georgia MUFON is investigating a sighting of an Unidentified Flying Object sighted by seven witnesses, over a specific place on the “Top End” of Atlanta’s beltline highway, I-285.

The time of this event was around 7:15 PM,
on a late-October evening in 2015.

What first caught the witnesses’ attention was the sight of
two (2) “fireballs” or “shooting stars” travelling together.

If you witnessed this, please contact the Georgia MUFON
State Director at Thank You.