Augusta UFO Sighting Confirmed to be Light Aircraft


MUFON Georgia announces preliminary results of its investigation into the Augusta UFO sighting of 16 October 2015.

MUFON GeorgiaAfter six days of careful investigation, MUFON Georgia has today confirmed the cause of multiple lights seen in the skies above Augusta. On the evening of the 16th, Team AeroDynamix, a solo and formation aviation team, operated a flight of RV-8 light aircraft in preparation for a performance that weekend at the Boshears Skyfest.

Beginning at dusk, the team flew in precision formation over portions of metro Augusta located to the north of the airport at Daniel Field and landed safely after dark.

A Van's Aircraft RV-8 like those flown by Team AeroDynamix.

A Van’s Aircraft RV-8 like those flown by Team AeroDynamix.

The team’s activities that night were confirmed by both the secretary of Boshears as well as by the founder and flight lead of Team AeroDynamix. Both were given access to witness-recorded videos.

According to their website, Team AeroDynamix provides an exciting and memorable performance that combines precision solo and formation flying, and they also offer a spectacular night show. (more…)

Augusta UFO Sighting on 16 October 2015: Witnesses Sought!


MUFON Georgia Calls for Witnesses to Come Forward

MUFON Georgia has received reports of an anomalous sighting in the skies above Augusta, Georgia, on the evening of 16 October 2015. A typical report indicated the witness saw sparkling lights to the north of Interstate 20. The vantage point was near the Bobby Jones Expressway (I-520) exit. Witnesses observed one object appear to split into two, both sparkling and appearing to change shape.

Critically, it was reported that approximately fifteen to twenty vehicles pulled over to observe the alleged UFO. MUFON Georgia is especially interested in speaking with those people. Validating this sighting would be far easier if documentary evidence existed that so many people did indeed pull over to watch.

Posted below are two videos purported to be of the alleged event. The videos have been digitally stabilized.

If you or someone you know witnessed the Augusta UFO sighting on 16 October 2015, please contact MUFON Georgia.

We can be reached via the Contact Page or by direct email to

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NSAT Photographs: The Continuing Saga


The photographs published with this article were captured on the digital camera of a visitor to Providence Canyon, Georgia. In a report to MUFON, the photographer’s husband said nothing was seen by the naked eye. Yet, something did show up in the photos. As you can see, the “object” even seems to change position from one photo to the next. Evidently, it was gone in the very next image taken in the sequence (not shown).

NSAT Photo from Providence Canyon 01

Note the “object” on the right side of the frame, near the middle.

These images are examples of so-called “NSAT” photos. NSAT stands for “nothing seen at the time,” and an amazing number are sent to MUFON each month. This may be brought about by the public’s belief that cameras can unintentionally capture evidence of UFOs. The public rightly thinks MUFON should see photos that may show “something.”

Unfortunately, with no visual corroboration of anything by any witness, the NSAT photo cannot serve as supporting evidence for UFO sighting. In fact, there is no actual UFO “sighting,” and typically we cannot determine anything at all about what is shown in the photo.


NASA Selects Eight Projects for 2016 X-Hab Academic Innovation Challenge


American space agency announces selection of eight U.S. universities to create new technologies for deep space exploration, including the journey to Mars.

X-Hab loft

This 2011 version of the deep space habitat at the Desert Research and Technology Studies (Desert RATS) analog field test site in Arizona features a Habitat Demonstration Unit, with the student-built X-Hab loft on top, a hygiene compartment on one side and airlock on the other. Credit: NASA

As NASA makes progress on its new Space Launch System and continues to emphasize future deep space missions, it has to deal with a critical problem. Put simply (and in NASA’s own words), the breadth of available technology required to successfully complete such long duration flights is inadequate.

The problem is even broader than that. Not only will new technology be required if humanity is to explore beyond low Earth orbit, but new engineers will also be needed to invent and produce that technology. Hence NASA’s X-Hab Academic Innovation Challenge.

X-Hab is NASA’s way of providing university students with the chance to be part of the innovation so desperately needed for space exploration.


Putting “Far Side of the Moon” In Context


Having just watched “Far Side of the Moon,” the episode of Hangar 1 dealing with an alleged alien presence on the moon, I felt it important to add counterpoints to various assertions put forth by some who appeared on the show. I recognize that Hangar 1 is intended more as a source of entertainment rather than a documentary program, but such context remains valuable. Also, it is important to remember that MUFON is a very large and diverse organization. There is room and tolerance for many voices.

I won’t address everything, but I will look into the allegations that the crew of Apollo 11 observed alien spacecraft and reported back to NASA in a broadcast censored by the government. I will also discuss the associated claim that the Apollo 11 spacecraft was shadowed by a UFO.