Ga MUFON public meeting Sat, Dec 8th 2018



Meeting topic: UFOlogy today

What we have learned, what we want to learn and how to get there

December 8, 2018
1:45-5:00 PM
Reid H. Cofer Library meeting room in Tucker, GA

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“The Madonna with Saint Giovannino”, 15th century by Domenico Ghirlandaio (1449-1494)

Throughout our history, we have been writing, drawing, and painting what we see in the world around us. As a species, we have been documenting our reality for centuries, leaving a rich repository of information. These records and art are littered with evidence supporting the probability of intelligent, or intelligently controlled, physical objects moving about in the skies, and I’m not speaking about birds or flying, winged dinosaurs. Some of the earliest paintings contain what appear to be saucer, or otherwise unusually shaped, aerial objects in the sky; and some religious and sacred writings depict Gods or physical beings appearing to wage battle in the skies with one another. Artists have been inspired, placing unknown objects in their paintings throughout history, begging the question – what inspired these shapes and objects? Furthermore, does the fact that these paintings survived for so long infer that the populace, at that time, was aware or accustomed to these aerial phenomena?

Considering ourselves to be more educated than our ancestors, we apply the scientific method in  an attempt to uncover the truths behind those events our ancestors observed so long ago. The scientific method in our investigations requires a quantity of accurately observed and documented information to give us useful or viable results. The results obtained through the investigation process are directly proportional to the data fed into it. If we only have low quality information available to us, we can expect the same caliber of results from the investigation.

The data we have available through our historical records offer us precious little information for our scientific method to produce what most would consider to be viable information. At the time of writing this article, Georgia had received and investigated 298 reports of events that occurred in the last 20 years that were found to be classified as unknown. Today, we know little more from the activities in the last two decades than the events documented for us over 1,000 years ago. At the next Georgia MUFON meeting in Tucker, we will endeavor to find a way to change this.

You are invited to join us and collaborate at our next meeting, as we begin the review process. Together, we will identify what we are able to learn of the phenomena, using our current methods and processes, what information we want to gain from investigations, and we will ask the questions: why do we want this information, and, what, as a society, will we do with this knowledge? As a group, we will put together a road-map to reassess our current investigation process. We will start to examine what data will be required to answer these questions and what resources and processes will be needed to collect and analyze this data. Lastly, we will consider how these processes can be incorporated in our current investigations, and, equally important, the ways and means to secure the resources required.

If we are able to achieve our goals above, we will have the framework to enable us the ability to increase what we learn through investigations of UFO reports, if the data needed is available. Data availability is, of course, going to be the crux of our efforts to increasing our knowledge about the phenomena. The challenges we will face include: our receiving quality reports, having the man-power to investigate the reports that come in, and working with witnesses who have accurately observed and noted useful information for the investigation processes. After developing a complete process and identifying our needs, requirements and challenges, Georgia MUFON will develop public awareness campaigns to foster education of the public with the goal of improving our investigations and gaining the knowledge about the phenomena we are looking for.

Your assistance sharing information on the meeting with the public is appreciated.  Click the link below to download a flyer for the meeting which you can post for others to see. GA MUFON December 2018 meeting – Flyer

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