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Come to our meetings

Let’s get together and talk!
At the Georgia MUFON meetings we get together and meet to discuss and share information on the topic and all aspects of the UFO phenomena

meeting together

Become a Member

We need your support!

We exist because of you! With your support we are able to continue the efforts and provide the resources to bring you the information, education, training and quality investigations you expect.

Volunteer your time

Together we can make a difference!

Join and work with a team coming together to achieve the common goals of research and educating the public on the phenomena. You might be surprised at what you learn yourself while your at it.

Lets work together


Become a Field Investigator

Be a part of the action!

Field Investigators are on the front lines and the first to be part of a case investigation. Come take some time to learn the skills and become a part of the team at the forefront of the action!

Spread the word

Casually start a conversation with others on the topic. You might be surprised at who you may know or meet that is interested in the UFO phenomena.

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