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WHEN: Sat. October 21, 2017 – 2:00 – 4:45 PM (Check-in starting at 1:30)
WHERE: Reid H. Cofer (Tucker) Public Library, 5234 LaVista Road, Tucker GA 30084

Our group will meet again on Sat. afternoon Oct. 21, in Tucker. Everyone is welcome to attend. Our Agenda will include an update on interesting UFO report investigations from Georgia MUFON Field Investigators and the State Director, after which we will move into discussion of our main topic. Afterwards, we espect the conversation will move into related but more open-ended questions and discussions, as it usually does, which may include Attendees’ own sightings or experiences. Anyone wishing to share a viewpoint or experience with the group is encouraged to do so. Our intent is to maintain an open-minded and respectful creative space for exploration of all things UFO-related.

Our main topic will be one not often discussed these days: PHOTOGRAPHY AND VIDEO OF UFOs. Since we seem to have a “real” phenomenon on our hands, and most of us with cell phones IN hand, why is it that photos and videos don’t provide better evidence for UFOs? There are, to be sure, many photos and some videos out there that appear to be “legitimate” and show unknown objects. Yet many more, by far the majority, do not. Why is this the case? Georgia MUFON is fortunate to have an FI skilled at photo- and video-analysis, and we’ve asked him to speak to the group about how such evidence is studied, what kinds of information it can and cannot provide, and the strengths and weaknesses MUFON finds in such evidence. One outcome or benefit of this discussion may well be, that You, our Attendees, are more prepared than most folks to accurately document something incredible. If you’re interested in UFOs, this should interest you!

So join us on the 21st if you’d like to contribute some ideas and hear those of others, as well some guidelines from the experienced investigators of Georgia MUFON. It always seems to make for an enjoyable afternoon! See you on the 21st.

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  1. john aliff

    July 4, 2022

    What if, in 2017 a medical doctor (colin Aliff) photgraphed and reported to GA MUFON ufos near Valdosta GA, the result was nor further communication from MUFON??

    JV Aliff, PhD

    • Melvin Marsh

      March 4, 2023

      Not sure what you want us to say about this, all FIs respond to cases quickly. You could report to the DOI, but this was before my time in mufon.

      • Dr John Aliff

        March 6, 2023

        Kick the can down the road, Eh! Were the photos bad??

        • Melvin Marsh

          March 6, 2023

          I have literally no idea about any part of this case. I have never heard of this case, nor saw any photos. It was two years before I became a FI, and 5 years before I became SD. It was not in CMS when I took over and cleared a multiple year backlog all by myself because all the FIs resigned a year and a half before I became SD. Nor can I access CMS to even comment if I wanted to about this since MUFON International removed my access. No one currently in Georgia can comment on the case because there is no one here. I was being kind and responding to your message so you didn’t think it went into the ether.

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