Meeting: Georgia MUFON, Meetup



WHEN: Sat. August 26, 2017  –  2:00 – 4:45 PM
WHERE: Northlake Barbara Loar Public Library, 3772 Lavista Road, Tucker, GA

Our group will meet again on Sat. afternoon Aug. 26th. Everyone is welcome to attend. As with past meetings our Agenda will include an update on interesting UFO report investigations from Georgia MUFON Field Investigators and the State Director, after which we will move into open-ended questions and discussions. These may include Attendees’ own sightings or experiences, and anyone wishing to share with the group is encouraged to do so.

For this meeting, in order to try something a little different we thought it would be interesting to focus our discussions or build them around, the theories and ideas concerning UFO TECHNOLOGY. If this is in fact “technology” that we’re seeing, how do they do what is observed? This is a wide topic that brings in everything from why do they (often) glow, how they appear to defy gravity, how can they move at the speeds observed and make 90-degree turns, vanish from sight, and more. (Those who read Dr. Paul Hill’s book “Unconventional Flying Objects” will have an advantage on the subject!) So please give this some thought if you’d like to contribute some ideas along with hearing others’ thoughts and understandings about all this. See you Saturday.

Our intent is to maintain an open-minded and respectful creative space for exploration of all things UFO-related. Join us for an afternoon of deep-level discussion of these intriguing topics!

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