Meeting dates and locations will be posted here. Summary reviews will also be posted however we strongly encourage attending meetings in person. 

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How often does the Georgia chapter of MUFON meet?

Presently, meetings are held quarterly.

Where are the meetings held?

Quarterly meetings locations will be listed in each announcement. Presently meetings will be in or near the Tucker area as this location is centralized to the state and majority of the current Georgia membership. As we grow we will look into having more frequent meetings and activities localized to sections within the state.

What should I expect if I attend a meeting?

The Georgia MUFON meetings are a safe place for both members and the public to gather and discuss aspects, ideas and even personal experiences related to UFOs. Meetings will fall into one of two categories, either having a Speaker and/or presentation or Open forum discussion. Occasionally we will have a guest speaker come visit us or connecting with us via video call to present information and ideas on the UFO phenomena. Other times we will have open forum discussion that are either “theme” based or free-form. Themes can range from discussions on the thoughts behind UFO technologies, theories on the abduction phenomena to speculation on why are they here.

Can I invite a friend or co-worker?

Quarterly meetings are open to the public. We invite all individuals who are interested or even just curious about the subject to come join and participate. We simply ask that all members follow the rules that are put in place to ensure a safe space environment for all.

What are the conditions or requirements for attending?

All attendees must follow the Rules of Engagement. These rules are not intended to be restrictive but rather to help ensure a safe space for all and to help encourage open discussion.