Message from the State Director


As social creatures, humans have always been a curious species. We congregate together for common goals of survival, entertainment, exploration and education. Exploration and education have been the cornerstone of our development and is responsible for everything in our lives today. Through trial and error exploring and learning about ourselves and our environment we developed a process we now call the scientific method. This discipline has become the single most important resource in our studying and molding of our environment today.

One of the single most persistent and controversial questions throughout our history has been “Are We Alone?”. Our documented history is littered with references and images of anomalous discs and objects in our skies and beings interacting with us. Still today we continue to see these strange crafts and devices that appear to defy the laws of physics as we know them. Yet seeing and discussing these anomalies today will garner different reactions depending on your location and the local culture.

The witnesses who on the off chance are able to behold these crafts are left in a state of awe and wonderment. Attempting to discuss what they have been privy to, witnesses are faced with a variety of possible reactions. In parts of Europe and Russia reports of these sightings are accepted and acknowledged by both the government and media alike. In the West or more specifically the United States, witnesses who attempt to publicly announce their sighting or experience have in the past been faced with a stigma of ridicule imposed by the media and have even been denounced by government agencies.

We gather together united in exploration and education of the phenomena that has come to be called UFOs. Using the scientific method we are working to understand these flying devices in our atmosphere in effort to possibly learn and replicate the technologies for our own benefit. Through public education we are working to eliminate the stigma associated with reporting having seen a UFO, bringing the phenomena to the forefront of society becoming part of everyday conversation. With efforts to learn more about the phenomena combined with public acceptance to the reality of UFOs we hope to bring benefit to humanity as a whole.