MUFON Georgia Investigation: Triangle UFO in Blue Ridge



Date: January 21, 2009
Time: 8:00 – 10:30 PM
Location: Blue Ridge, Georgia

Four witnesses watched a brightly lit globe with lights emanating from it for long periods totaling two and one-half hours. The object had a triangular upper section which rose and fell from the lower round base giving the appearance of a ball transforming to an inverted cone then back to a ball again. This action continued with small colored lights (red, green and yellow) orbiting the lower circular section. The entire object pulsated, irradiating light. It was about the size of a quarter dollar held at arm’s length.

2012-03-27 ufo

During the sighting the object was observed while outdoors from two different locations with the naked eye, binoculars, and a Meade telescope, remaining stationary until about 10:30 PM. At that time, the object moved to the left about 5 degrees then came directly toward the reporting witness passing overhead moving from south to north. It traversed the distance from its standing location to the loss of visible contact in about one second. No sound was heard at any time.

While the distance to the lighted object is unknown, the distances between the two viewing locations versus the object’s similar azimuth-line position in the sky suggests a distance closer than one mile, where the presence of other homes could have led to more reports. If the UFO was about one-half mile distant, the globe-shaped object would be about 110 feet across; if one-quarter mile, 55 feet.

Active investigation by Georgia MUFON investigators could find no mundane explanation for what the witnesses observed. The number of credible witnesses, the fact that the UFO was seen from two locations, the long stationary period and the manner of the UFO’s disappearance make this an extraordinary case. The years 2009 to 2011 have produced similar sightings of lighted, round objects with smaller multi-colored balls of light orbiting them.

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