MUFON Georgia Investigation: Massive Flying Triangle UFO



CMS: 52339
Date: November 19, 2013
Time: 6:20 PM
Location: South Central GA; near Valdosta

Two witnesses, each with over 30 years of experience as military aircraft maintenance technicians, reported that on November 19th, 2013, at 6:20pm (near dusk) they observed a huge triangular flying object moving 500 feet above them, from north headed south. The surface of the object was not clear, and had a rippling effect like “a heat mirage down the road on a hot summer’s day.” There were no anti-collision lights that should be on all aircraft. The nose was “rounded” and had a pinkish-reddish glow, as did the two trailing corners.

The witnesses said the object had a wing span larger than a C-5A cargo plane (~223 ft) and flew slowly at 10 – 15 knots (12-17 mph) allowing an examination of the underside of the object. The underside was seen to have a “fabric”-like appearance, and out towards the ends, “ports” or openings of some kind. The object flew silently with absolutely no sound. As it was slowly passing by, the rear of the object displayed a row of white pulsing lights. These lights did not light up the exterior of the object but were set back, or surrounded by a shroud (which was the case was hard to tell).

As it got further out away from them a very small drone-like object was noticed flying alongside on the left. The “drone” had red and white lights resembling regular aircraft lights. The large object was seen to bank to the southeast, allowing the witnesses to see clearly the triangular shape of the object. The two drawings below were made by one of the witnesses displaying the object from two different angles, as well as the drone with the red/white rotating lights.

MUFON Field Investigators from Georgia’s Coastal Section investigated this sighting by interviewing both witnesses in person at the sighting location (one witness’ home) and re-enacting the events. Using site structures as landmarks, lines of sight, and angles of elevation, the object’s altitude worked out to about 485 feet. In similar fashion, the wingspan size was about 350 feet across. The sighting was of considerable duration, with the large object being in view for about 7 minutes.

Careful investigation by experienced investigators could find no mundane or “normal” explanation for this sighting. Our conclusion is “unknown aerial vehicle” (UAV). The two military witnesses are as qualified as it is possible to be, having worked their entire careers around all sorts of aircraft, including their component systems. Having impressed our investigators with their candor and straightforward manner, they felt the incident should be reported and are astonished at what they saw. As for the object seen, the large size, impossibly slow movement, and lack of sound are considerably beyond the capabilities of any publicly-known existing propulsion technologies in 2014. “Who” this vehicle belongs to is thus unknown. However, and alternatively, one of the two witnesses said he felt that this craft was “one of ours” and belongs to the USA. Large, dark, silent triangular craft are widely reported in the UFO literature. As with those reports, this present sighting suggests that revolutionary and unprecedented, even shocking, advances in aerial vehicle propulsion technologies have led to the development of large, silent craft that are being flown around in US airspace for purposes unknown.

Drawings of the object made by one of the witnesses. Details are described above.

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