Report a UFO


Thank you for taking the time to report a UFO to MUFON

Georgia MUFON encourages anyone who has seen a UFO to file a report with MUFON International, our parent organization. If your report concerns a sighting that occurred in Georgia, it will be routed to the appropriate member of the MUFON Georgia team. If your sighting occurred outside of Georgia, MUFON will route the report accordingly.

Why report a UFO to MUFON?

MUFON operates the world’s largest and most detailed database of reported UFO sightings. MUFON receives between 500 and 1,000 UFO reports a month from all across the globe. These include, but are not limited to reports of:

  • Structured craft,
  • Orbs of light,
  • Entities,
  • Abductions,
  • Alien encounters,
  • Cattle mutilations, and
  • Crop circles

In order to effectively catalogue and investigate all these reports MUFON asks that you submit your sighting reports with photos and videos attached. Once you complete the form click the SUBMIT button and your report will be assigned an official MUFON Case Number, and be sent to the MUFON State or National Director where your sighting occurred for follow-up. Your help solving the UFO mystery, one case at a time, is greatly appreciated. Click the button below to report a UFO.

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Some Common Questions about Reporting a UFO to MUFON

Who sees my personal contact information?
MUFON treats your personal information with great care and respect. Your contact information goes to the State Director where your sighting occurred and to the MUFON Field Investigator assigned to your case. From a computer system standpoint we store your personal information separate from your case information in such a way that the public cannot see it, and only a handful of people in MUFON have access to it.

What if I wish to remain anonymous?
You have the option of checking the anonymous box on your sighting report. This means that MUFON will never use your name in relation to your sighting report without first asking your permission. MUFON’s standard operating procedure regardless of how you check the anonymous box is to never share witness names or contact information. On the rare occasion MUFON is contacted by media about a case, MUFON will always ask if you would like your name associated with the case publicly. Again, this is very rare.

What happens when I submit my report?
Once you press the submit button on your sighting report, it is automatically routed to the State or National Director where your sighting took place. The state director then assigns your case to one of his or her Field Investigators for review and further follow-up as needed. This may, or may not, include a telephone or on-site visit and interview depending on the nature of the report.

How long will submitting my UFO report take?
The MUFON sightings database is the largest of it’s kind in the world. It is also the most meticulous and scientifically-minded. That being said, the UFO report form is exceptionally detailed. This way MUFON can better sort the cases that are submitted and better analyze them. Please fill out all of the fields that apply to your unique case. This should take no more than 5-10 minutes.

I’m attaching a photo or video with my report. What happens to this?
MUFON has a staff of volunteer Photo Analysts who review each and every photo/video received by MUFON. They use a number of different techniques to identify the authenticity of a photo or video and try to render an opinion on whether it is real or fake, and what the origin of the object in the photo might be. This information is then taken into account by the Field Investigator assigned in completing his/her report and selecting the final case disposition.

What is a case disposition?
Each case that is investigated is given a final case disposition by the MUFON Field investigator assigned to the case. This is the investigator’s assessment of what the investigation found. The four case dispositions that a case can be marked are:

  • Unknown,
  • Identified Flying Object (IFO),
  • Hoax, or
  • Insufficient Data.

What if I do not agree with the Field Investigator’s findings?
You, as the witness, may request a case review. To do so, send your statement of why you disagree (one page max) and any facts to back your statement along with your case number, or date of your sighting to Your case will then be reviewed by a committee of three individuals, and you will be made aware of their findings. If, after this review, you do not agree with the findings of the review committee your case may be appealed to the MUFON Science Review Board. The findings of the SRB will be the final word on the disposition of your case. Remember, regardless of how your case is marked from a disposition standpoint, your case and all the information you input will still be available in the MUFON database for use by researchers worldwide.

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