What to do when the sighting is over


What you should NOT do
Just as important as what you should do

  • Do NOT talk to anyone until you have written down and documented all of the details of your sighting
  • Do NOT try to lookup details of other people’s sightings to “help” fill in any details you think you may be missing
  • Do NOT talk to anyone at length or in detail until you are able to speak with a Field Investigator
  • Do NOT modify your written account after you first write the original recollection
    • You can add an addendum of additional thoughts or possible recollections but leave your original written account intact and unchanged

What you SHOULD do Next
Now you know what not to do, what are the next steps you should take and do after sighting a UFO

  1. Write down every detail you can about your sighting including:
    1. All witness names and contact information
    2. Police officer(s) names and report number if applicable
  2. If possible, audio record yourself talking aloud what you are planning to write or want to convey in your writing
    1. Talking aloud has been found to help with recall
    2. This may help illustrate for the investigator what is in your mind as you are documenting your recollection of events
  3. Go to the MUFON website and Report your sighting (http://www.mufon.com/report-a-ufo.html)
    1. Include all details you have written down
    2. Answer as many of the questions on the form that you recall and/or understand

Someone will contact you regarding your report and the assignment of a Field Investigator. The investigator assigned will contact you to schedule calls and meeting times to go over your report and to possibly gain additional information.

If you are interested in learning about becoming a Field Investigator checkout the section of our website for Getting Involved. We are always on the lookout to add quality members to our team!