Why become a Field Investigator


Perhaps the most important things MUFON does is accept and investigate UFO sighting reports

The number of reports is increasing, and the trend shows no sign of stopping or slowing down. The reason for the increase is unknown, but we believe part of the increase is due to MUFON’s reputation as an organization unsurpassed in the field of UFO investigation.

Others talk; MUFON investigates

These words represent more than just tag-line on MUFON-themed clothing. It is a fact. MUFON’s certified Field Investigators carefully and scientifically investigate every sighting report received, subject to some limitations. Experienced Field Investigators are the key to determining facts about UFOs.

Have you considered becoming a Field Investigator? Do you want to do more than talk about UFOs and actually investigating sightings? While you can learn about the phenomenon in other ways, direct investigation experience gives you an incomparable understanding of the raw material of the mystery.

These events challenge our modern view of how the world works, and MUFON Field Investigators are on the front lines

As with many endeavors, being a Field Investigator is not for everyone. Case work is actual work, and there are no shortcuts. If you meet the qualifications and become a Field Investigator, you will be challenged by sightings. You will be rewarded as you close many cases and define the unexplained character of others. Experienced Field Investigators will provide training and support, and all cases are saved into MUFON’s excellent Case Management System.

Any Georgia citizen can become a MUFON Field Investigator if they have an open mind and are adept at critical thinking, collecting evidence, and evaluating that evidence. Take note however: while each of us may have our own opinion about UFOs, these must be checked at the door when investigating. Science and the scientific method must come before our personal beliefs.

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a MUFON Field Investigator, please contact MUFON Georgia State Director Ralph Howard at ralph@mufongeorgia.org.